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A MasterClass with Yauatcha


A little about the restaurant - Yauatcha

Yauatcha is a michelin-starred dim sum teahouse from London and is present across India – Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi and Kolkata. They aimed to be an affordable luxury brand, Yauatcha is a modern Cantonese restaurant and believes in upholding their standards and quality to ensure the guests have a wonderful experience. "Yauatcha" comes from a wordplay on the Cantonese phrase ‘Yum cha’, which means ‘to drink tea’ which I did  :-) Drinking Long Island Ice Tea ..
Let me start off with the amazing masterclass that we had gone thru with Chef. Chong Chee Loong, here is a small video which talks about the New Menu and about the masterclass, Between he is one of the best chef's I have met in recent times. Talkative like me and the one who loves food and enjoys what he does.
Few words from chef.  We at Yauatcha would like to thank all our guests for the support they have extended to the brand. The new menu is guaranteed to woo your taste buds with fascinating flavors and fresh ingredients. We remain focused on constant innovation to offer exceptional food quality and excellent customer service in an elegant ambience, said Chef Loong
Chef. Chong Chee Loong


MasterClass was about preparing Dimsum for eg: Pumpkin Veg Dimsum and the mince chicken Dimsum and the Corn Veg Dimsum


Here are short videos of the masterclass.. please bear with the sound as it could capture that much only.

Now the best part of the evening - The Refreshed Menu

As alone and being a vegetarian, I thought I would be able to wrap up the dinner soon and leave for home but to my surprise I was the last one to leave the restaurant he he .. Stunted by their amazing food plating and taste I was left speechless.

All I could do is just click , click n click ... which wasn't enough still. So after all the clicking I did I was served the best Dim Sums that you could find in Bangalore. Some of the new additions to the wide selection of dim sum include Steamed spicy Sichuan chicken, Vegetable ying yang dumpling, Sugarcane chicken roll, Spicy squid cake, Vegetable black pebble dumpling and Curry spiced vegetable wontons. Main Course had Stir fry chicken in hometown chili sauce, Stir fry kam heyong lamb and Penang style old town prawn noodles and Vegetarians need not be sad as they have some new addition as well.

Black Pebble Dumpling 
The first Dumpling that I had tasted was the " Black Pebble Dumpling " the combo of veggies and the soft layer of the dumpling would just melt in your mouth and the way it was plated it was just amazing.

Kung Pao Tofu
Are you a person who likes TOFU? Man I hated Tofu till I actually tasted this, Chef served me this knowing I am a vegetarian. I must say it has been the again the best Tofu I have ever tasted and I can go on and on about its taste. The sauce coated and the crunchiness from the cashew nut makes it richer.

Then comes the beautiful yet yummy looking non veg dumplings " Pan fried Charcoal Lamb Bun "
Pan fried Charcoal Lamb Bun
Pan fried Charcoal Lamb Bun
So while I was feeling hungry and seeing all the non veg food chef served me the spectacular - " Turnip Cakes "
Turnip Cakes

The Turnip cake was one of a kind and I must say innovation at its best.. perfectly fried, crunchy top layer with soft inside and the chili flakes with nuts garnish. couldn't stop with one and that was again a honest confession.

Sugarcane Chicken Roll
While having a good and fun filled conversation with the chef. my friends were served this super sexy looking " SugarCane Chicken Roll

Long Island Ice Tea

And so between all these yummy non veg that people around me were hogging, I decided to relax with my fav cocktail " Long Island Ice Tea" dig it desserts.. " Raspberry Delice " , an amazing looking dessert which had Raspberry, dark chocolate mousse and hazelnut brownie served with raspberry ripple ice cream. This totally energized me and I had walked around the restaurants asking people about the experience with the new Menu and found few happy and content faces.
Raspberry Delice

Raspberry Delice

                                 Restaurant is at the best location with beautiful interiors.



I would recommend - Raspberry Delice. A stunning dessert, as you can tell from the picture, and half of the crowd recommended this dish. As it is a deadly combo Raspberry - chocolate. Rest of the dishes I would be try on my next visit.

Let me know which is your favorite dish? Which stumped you?

Level 5, 1 MG Road Mall, MG Road
Opp Vivanta by Taj, Bangalore 560 008
For reservations call: 1800 266 1000
Or email:

Meal for two (without alcohol)  - INR 2000


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