Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Street Food Fest – Social Offline ( Review )

                                                                 Street Food Fest – Social Offline

What comes in your mind when you hear " Street Food " ?

Paani Puri .. Chats .. SugarCane Juice... Fried Bhajiyas .. Pav Bhaji... wait how can we forget the Vada Pav :-)

If you're a foodie you can never say NO to street food because with every bite you get a burst of flavors in your mouth. Its more fun when a bunch of foodies get together with Street food and alcohol. I can say that as I got an opportunity to meet few other food bloggers at the best hangout place in Bengaluru " Social Offline " It was all about Fun, Food and Alcohol. 

We started off with these cute little flavored shots : Hajmola, Paan Pasand, Mango Bite, Kacha Aam

The Girly Gang
Paan, Hajmola, Mango Bite Shots

Following which we were served the amazing Cheese Bread Pakoda, Punjabi Samosa, Masala Papad and not to forget their new Satrangi Patiyala cocktail.

Prawn Masalendar 
Cheese Ham Pakoda

Masala Papad
Malabar Chicken Lollypops

Cheese Bread Pakoda
Sheek Kebab Wellington
Oh we just didnt stop with all these yummies but also tried their main course which had this fabulously tasting "Sri lankan Potato and Leek Curry" and lots more ..

White Butter Chicken Rice 
Paneer Masala

Sri Lankan Potato and Leek Curry

                                       So hurry up as this is gonna be ending on March 31


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