Monday, September 8, 2014

McDowell's Karaoke Night Event - Gilly's Resto Bar

"Karaoke " in itself sounds fun isn't it?  And Guess What ??

McDowell's brought the best Karaoke Night Event to Namma Bengaluru at Gilly's Bar, Kormangala. 

What a night it was to see so much enthusiasm and cheering from people, I got to hear the best of voices like the hidden talents. Each and every Participant was just awesome and the scene of them being cheered by their friends made it worthwhile. 
And the stage was set for the best night to experience. 

Gilly's Resto Bar
We heard from the Best of the Retro to Best of the Rock tracks from the participants. Here are the pictures of few from the lot ..

              Music is sure to be the key ingredients that brings people together !!
I was just amazed to see how everyone cheered not only for their friends but also the other participants. Here are the few clicks of the Smiles and Cheers from the crowd for the singers. 

 The pictures say alot of things.. So does these smiles, with every picture you can see every single participant are so into their passion of music. 

So friendship doesn't see an age rather grows with time and mature by age..

I guess now that you have heard my views on that wonderful night lets get to hear from few of the participants. 




Overall McDowell's No:1 Karaoke Championship was a night to remember and cherish every moment of it.

Thanks to McDowell's Once again !! 
Cheers !!


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