Thursday, October 22, 2015

Apps For Food Orders Online In India

Current world is the digital world where everything is possible with a help of a magic box called computer and usage of fingertips relish solutions for every possible thing. The restaurant business has grown up at a fair clip. On the top of that, restaurants have knotted up with smart technology such as online food ordering apps. There is a massive influx of online apps where you can order food online. I have listed top apps that are reviewed and shortlisted as the best apps for food order. 


Swiggy is a hub of all the top-notch restaurants in India. Regardless of the cuisine that you are craving for, it will be easy for you to reach it with the help of Swiggy. The app of this website helps you in making quick orders as it saves all the pre-saved information. While you have created the shortcuts at the website, you can simply click at the order that is stored formerly and enjoy food by following simple steps. 


Tinyowl is always ready with the most scrumptious preparation of food for all their customers. Feeling hungry? Reach your mobile and place an order with Tinyowl. The noteworthy features of the app are: 
You location can be easily detected.
Various types of options are given for making payment. You can also pay cash on receiving the order or you can use your cards
Your favorite orders are saved with the website so that you don’t have to start with a fresh order every time you login. 
They offer perfect customer service and keep you informed about the delivery of order.


Foodpanda is the first name to come to your mind when it is related to online food order. By far, it is the most popular app available at iTunes, Playstore and all other app markets. They have got a quick selection of restaurants nearby your residing area. There are several perks associated with this website such as, on creating an account you can save addresses of work and home, save your payment details and save your favorite restaurants where you make orders. Also you can enjoy regular discounts and coupons that are only available for the loyal club members of the website. 


Undoubtedly, Dominos app is the most used food app among the working folks and the ones that stay at home. There is no denying to the fact that the app has lessened the standard of the brand as it is sometimes highly exhausting to use the app for food orders. If you are a pizza fan and place order quite frequent then this app can save you from the efforts of making calls and explaining orders in voice. 


Faasos, as we all know is a renowned fast food chain running a successful business in Mumbai, Bangalore, Ahmadabad and Pune. They have a pretty amazing online food order app that makes a gateway between customer and the joint. Unlike other apps, you can use Faasos app only for ordering food from this very joint. 


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