Saturday, May 16, 2015

Taste Of Arabia - The Market, Ritz Carlton

Its always been a different kinda dinning experience with The Market, Ritz Carlton. Last night among few well known faces from the blogging world I was invited to experience the " Taste Of Arabia " by Mudra Kesawani.  I must admit this has been my very first time to see a lavish spread of Middle Eastern Food which was sponsored by Air Arabia with some of the signature dishes by Chef Rami Almaket. 

With all the trouble I went thru with the cabbies I finally managed to reach with just 20 mins of delay and the evening started off with the personalized menu for each of us on the bloggers table. The Personalized Menu gave a sense of how awesome the night would be with all the food, conversations and the experience. 

First on the table served was the " Syrian Spiced Tea with Walnut " and honestly was truly a refreshing drink. Rightly Spiced and the crunch of walnuts at the end was just prefect way to start the evening. 

Followed by which was the very light and hot bowl of " Lentil Soup " with the "Arabic Mezze Samplers " Soup was light and with every sip you could taste the pepper n other mild spices. The Mezze sampler consisted of Hummus, Babaghanosh, Beetroot and Green Olives was accompanied with warm Pita breads. The Beetroot dip is what I had finished my meal with. 

" Falafel and Chickpeas Fatta " served hot and the falafel were crispy outside and soft within. Just like the way I love it :-) 

Continuing with the main course i just loved the " Eggplant Moussaka "  which was mix of all the goodness starting with Eggplant and Bell Peppers and Just couldn't stop with one bite. Chef Rami also was excited to have us taste the Syrian Dal makhani  which was a bit tangy but would melt in your mouth. 

Below you will see the lavish spread a treat for all the non-vegetarians out there Shawarma, Lamb Chops etc. 

I had an amazing evening knowing all about zattar, sumac, olives and yes the dal Makhani by Chef Rami. 

I am sure you will love the spread and have a great experience so head out as this food festival is on till May 17th.

Pricing :
Breakfast : 1000 + taxes
Lunch 1500 + Taxes 
Dinner 1600 + Taxes


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