Friday, May 8, 2015

A Day Well Spent !!!

             Journey Towards Happiness and Joy !! 

Have you ever walked towards happiness? Felt joy in every little thing ? Well then I was lucky enough to spend a whole day of just pure happiness at Sri Sri Ayurveda PANCHAKARMA.

Between the woods and luscious greenery this place is located. The moment we reached we were given a warm welcome by the in-house doctor, nutritionist and few other sevaks. 
Away from the hosh-posh of the city life this is was blissful.

We started the day with the special menu which was designed just for us, it contained the fresh vegetables with different texture and taste to tickle your palate.

Starting with the Fruit  Passion which had 3 different layers  - Kiwi, Apple and Watermelon. 
Then was served the Minestrone Soup which was just yumm ... along with that was the vegetable satay with a nice dip which was made of avocado and it tasted heaven. We also discussed about the good and bad habits while eating, the programs they have for detox at panchakarma. 

The main course was " Zucchini Surprise "  which was the hero of the show. The presentation and the flavors were truly impressive.

And now my fav part of the meal - The Dessert : Mango and Coconut PanaCotta.. I still can feel the taste .. it was that yumm. A combination of coconut and mango was just mind blowing. 

Such simple ingredients and yet so tasty, the best was that they had no masala's added or anything to enhance the flavors and so it was divine. Here are some videos where we discussed about the chakras and few other with their in-house doctor. 

Food was not all that we enjoyed but there was so much more for the day left, We had an opportunity to go around the facility check their rooms, the kitchen and the massage center. Below is the sneak peak of the twin sharing room that they offer and for all the privacy lovers there are 2 options their you take the double delux room or the private villa for urself. 

Pamper yourself the panchkarma style, by this private villa which might be a little heavy on your wallets but its worth every bit of the money.

It has 2 master bedrooms attached to it is the amazing bathroom which is almost like a room in itself. they also has a private massage center within so that you don't have to step out and just relax within. 

End of the Walk I just didn't wanna go home :-) Had to push myself out of that place and yeah i would recommend if you thinking of detox or relaxing for a day away from the city this is the place to be. 

Below are the details from where you can get more info :

Sri Sri Ayurveda Pachakarma
Phone: +91 80 32721298 , 28432991
Twitter Handle : @sspanchakarma

Have a few more experiences with the cafe inside the campus which will be on my upcoming Post. 

Here are few more pics :
Sri Sri Ayurveda Panchakarma Pictures


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