Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pizzzaa !!!

Pizzzaa !!! New Menu Review For California Pizza Kitchen

Pizza's who doesn't love them ?? Specially when you get them at a very affordable prize .. Yes, You heard me right.. New variety of Pizza's both Veg and Non-Veg at a very affordable prize. 

So I had a classic evening spent with Friends, Pizza and Wine at CPK. Here are few of the new options that we tried and not to forget just loved them. Here we go starting with my all time favorite " Long Island Ice Tea " Which was prefect top start with.

The last time I visited CPK I feel in love with " Kasundi Paneer Pizza ", It was just prefect blend of Paneer marinated in mustard with the exotic veggies on the pizza bread. While I was waiting to get my hands on them the team generously served few starters which were again just Yummm 

Garlic Cheese Focaccia
" Garlic Cheese Focaccia " Crispy Garlic Cheese Focaccia bread with olive oil and Parmesan Dip. If you're a garlic bread fan then this is a must try for you , it's crunchy and the dip is amazing. 

Corn Baja Croquettes

 One is not enough, goes perfectly for this dish. Rightly spiced and fried to give you the crunch from outside and soft from inside.  

Black Bean Quesadilla
I have been a bean lover since few years now and something about its taste n texture keeps me exploring it more. Every bean is different with its taste but has the same texture, Black Bean is one among them. This appetizer " Black Bean Quesadilla " with 3 different dips gives you a different experience of taste with each and every dip with every bite. 

Here is the non-veggies Favorite " Chitpole Grilled Chicken " I can say it was their fav with their reaction after the first bite :-) 

Chitpole Grilled Chicken
This is not all there is more to come and with a very little space in my tummy  Phewww !!! Look what we were served " Kasundi Paneer Pizza "  it tasted so much like the first time we tasted it with a few corrections. When inquired  the manager told us that they took the feedback from their regular customers and made those corrections. Totally Impressed!!

Kasundi Paneer Pizza
Again, this was not all to satisfy the soul they actually came up with something more exotic " Spicy Cilantro Pizza " Man'O Man it was the hero for the night. The Paneer has never tasted so good .. Prefectoooo !!

Spicy Cilantro Pizza
Few of the new introduced Veg Pizzas are " Rustica , Fire Roasted Vegetables " garnished with generous slice of Parmesan. 


Sneak Peak of few non-veg Pizza's : 

Oh now my favorite part as always " Desserts "  CPK you can never leave without the dessert .. if no space then there is always a option of take away :-) Which I did the next day .. tickles the tummy you see.

Tiramisu has been the top in the list but turning it to the 2nd place was this " Sticky Toffee Pudding " this would just melt in your mouth.. Orgasmic !!
No words can describe it you have to take a bite and walk the path to heaven.

Sticky Toffee Pudding
Red Velvet Cake 
             Red Velvet Cake layered with cream cheese vanilla frosting. 

            A lazy evening head out to CPK and i assure  you it is worth it. 


284, Ground Floor 
100 Ft road 


Spicy Cilantro Pizza and Sticky Toffee Pudding 


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