Friday, April 24, 2015

Magic of Malaysia

Hari baik Malaysia !!

" Malaysia Truly Asia "  known for its multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multilingual society. My  favorite destination for their culture, economy and not to forget food :-) 

Past few months I have experienced Thai , Vietnamese , Chinese cuisine but this was my very first time for Malaysian cuisine and to my own surprise " I was loving it "  Being one among the few well known faces of blogging world and political world who were invited over to The Market, Ritz Carlton (Shenzhen) by Mudra Keshwani to experience a very personalized sit-down dinner  called " Magic of Malaysia " with beautifully designed menu by Guest Chef Raymond Siek. 

So let me quickly start sharing with you the experience and my take on the hand picked dishes prepared by the chef. 

Starting with salad Pembuka Selera Tabu, Kuah Kacang  ( Chilled Tofu Salad, Peanut Sauce )

 Pembuka Selera Tabu, Kuah Kacang

Tofu, Never been my favorite ingredient but I must say this serving of chilled Tofu was brilliant with the Medium spiced crunchy Peanut Sauce. If you're or not a fan of tofu you must try this dish out and you will fall in love with the taste.

Along with the Red Wine was served the appetizer Gado Gado idaman cik Wei Wei  ( Classic Vegetable Salad and Spices ) 

Gado Gado idaman cik Wei Wei

If you're thinking its a decor-ed flower vase then your wrong this is the classic vegetable salad which is so beautifully plated that it took me around 10 minutes to dig in and have a bite. Veggies cooked with medium spice along with the crunchy peanuts that will keep you busy munching and enjoying every bite till the end. 

Between the Salad and Appetizer being served, we hardly had any conversations flowing across the table as all we could see and hear is " hmmm .. Lovely " 

And then the soup being served which was Sup Sayuran ( Clear Vegetable soup with Spice ) Simple Dish with burst of flavors in your mouth where you can taste every vegetable in it.

Sup Sayuran
Oh wait this is not it the Main course is still left out. 
Kekentang Berkuah Gulai Dan Pudina, Sayuran Dhal Dhan Nasi Tomat ( Potato Cake with Curry and Mint Yoghurt, Vegetable Dhal and Tomato Rice )

Kekentang Berkuah Gulai Dan Pudina, Sayuran Dhal Dhan Nasi Tomat

Potato Cake with Curry was to die for infact we took a second serving of it. Tomato Rice not to spiced but cooked to perfection with each grain you can taste the spices.  Dhal with Veggies went along with the rice and curry and its a must try dish on the list.

Chef couldn't let us go without his amazing last dish which is apparently my fav course too.. The Dessert

Mangga Pudding, Kepingan Betik Dan Buah Markisa ( Mango Pudding, Papaya Slice and Passion Fruit )

Mangga Pudding, Kepingan Betik Dan Buah Markisa
The name in itself sounds yummy he he .. if i would have known about this creation of the chef I would have skipped the entire course and only relished this one dish. Pudding made of coconut milk was set prefect and melts in your mouth adding to that was the papaya slice n passion fruit which was a bite of everything creamy, tarty and sweet. Highly recommended Dish !!!! 

It was another fun filled evening with my fellow bloggers  Riya Patel and Jyothi with few other dignitaries from the country at, The Ritz Carlton, Bangalore. 

Thank You Chef and Team for having us over and enjoying each and every detail of the menu after a hectic day at work.

Venue Details and Pricing:
Venue: The Market
Price: INR 1000++ per person for breakfast ; INR 1500++ per person for lunch;  INR 1600++ per person for dinner
For more information and reservations, please contact Restaurant Reservations at 080 - 49148341 or +91 9741035124 or email


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