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Monday, August 7, 2017

#FBAIDrinks - Fun Evening #BarCrawl

An collaboration which was instant 6 yrs ago in #Mumbai and having them plan a fun night in your own city, I couldn't have missed it. Bangalore is known as the pub city and its filled with places that you can stop over for a quick catch up over a beer or Long Island Ice Tea :-)

It was when Saloni and Sameer planned a fun evening to meet and know fellow f&b lovers from bangalore, the #FBAIDrinksBarCrawl idea popped up. We all love our poison but how much do we know about them? We all have our favourite "adda" but how much do we explore what's best they have? Thats the whole idea that Sameer had come up with as he himself loves his food and alcohol. So we had 3 pit stops in the ever happening area of #Bengaluru - Indiranagar
the first pit stop - Glocal Junction

Joining us at Glocal were my fellow bloggers and alcohol lovers. Mitali Tandon from Morning Fresh, Roshan from Aspri Spirits and fun couple - Sameer & Saloni from #FBAI Mumbai

First drink that was served to us was a very refreshing drink, something that you can have it just like any other sweet liqueur. On a hot sunny day by the poolside or beach with a glass of Aperol is just perfect. Aperol - is the perfect aperitif which has bitter and sweet oranges and many other herbs (including rhubarb) and roots in perfect proportions. here is the cocktail recipe that we were served. do try it at home and let me know ur views on the taste. If you arent a cocktail person then just have it neat :-)

Aperol Spritz:


Start by adding ice into the glass then pour in the Prosecco, the Aperol and add a splash of soda, top with a slice of orange. This serving avoids the Aperol settling at the bottom.

We also munched on some small plates as the Tokri Chaat and Dynamite Prawns, which just well perfect with the drink.

Second Pit Stop - Bootlegger 

Honestly it's one of my favourite joints in Indiranagar for a friday night which has decent crowd and live dj music. And yes it was a serious #barcrawl as now we were welcomed with the well known - Stolichnaya Vodka with some lip smacking small plates and my pick was the Spiced Fries. The cocktail which was served by Vedant the mixologist was with the base of #Vodka with Herbs like Rosemary, brown sugar and topped it off with Cherry Bitters. Oh! we were not yet done. the last stop was waiting to welcome us.

Third Pit stop - Sly Granny 

Perfect place not just for weekends but any day of the week if you want to chill and enjoy the rooftop with your favourite posion, good music and delicious food then this is the place to be. For our surprise the last drink was served was a shot by Patrons XO. We ended our night there with loads of selfies, conversations and shots.

And to save us all from the hangover we had Mitali who took care of it with her very own creation - Morning Fresh. Thanks to it that next day "Monday" didn't seem to have any blues and was bright and fresh.

During the crawl we learnt about the drinks and a bit of the history along with it. A awesome initiative by #FBAI mumbai team in making this happen.
Do follow #FBAIDrinks on Insta and Facebook to know more about new waterholes in our city and also about upcoming events.

Check out these pit stops if yo havent been there.. and let me know your experience. Cheers!!

Friday, August 12, 2016

Jhat Pat Khana: Buffet spread at Nimisserie

After a long await to taste the best gourmet food in town, I finally made it to meet the gourmet guru and also taste his creations. Chef Nimish Bhatia brings the best of ingredients and techniques on to the table, Nimisserie now serves lunch buffets which serves both Veg and Non-veg delicacies.

I am more of a person who would love to taste 80% of the menu and always get confused to what to order first. Hence buffets seems the prefect for people like me who get to taste the variety at the best price and also without having to waste much time waiting at the table. The lunch buffet seems prefect for a weekday corporate lunches where you can get your team out for a good gourmet lunch at a affordable price which is always a plus point.

Chef Nimish has always been inspired by his mother in bringing out creativity but keeping the basics. Nimisserie gives you a good variety of his innovative recipes that you would enjoy it in every bite. From Seafood curry to Creamy Gnocchi.

From Salad to Main Course and all that changes everyday with new menu on the table for you. My Fav was the Creamy gnocchi and the Prawn Curry which was just too good to stop with a bite. 
What else would you want on a weekday where you get good gourmet food which is good for your palette and pocket. 

Lunch Buffet:Timing: 12 Noon to 3 PM Days: Mon-Sat Pricing: ₹650+TAX

So do give them a visit and let me know what your exp. was like?
Till Then ...

Eat, Sleep and Repeat :-)

Links to know more about the restaurant:
Book your table with DineOut App: https://www.dineout.co.in/bangalore/nimisserie-brigade-road-central-bangalore-21047

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Morning Fresh Product Review

Are you a party animal?
Do you find reasons to party?
Love Tequila shots?
Love the feeling of getting knocked off?

But worried about the next morning hangover? Head aches?

I am one of the person who does all the above :-) Party animal, Who loves dancing and getting kicked off with the alcoholic shots. But at the same time worried about the presentation next day with all that hangover, Until i was introduced to Morning fresh by Mitali Tandon.

What a genius she is to come up with. This is an amazing drink which helps you say good-bye to hangovers and headaches. Be as fresh as nothing ever happened last night, Morning Fresh is a all natural drink which has anti-oxidants, vitamins & silk proteins that help in breaking down the alcohol .  An evening spent with Mitali and her dad to know how it works and where can we find this in market.

Mitali first came up with one flavor and now has party packs which is supplied to our economical house parties to big fat weddings and everyone loves it. All you need to do is take the Morning Fresh Shot before you crash and that's it does its magic and next morning wake up as fresh as any other day.

Morning Fresh comes in 3 different flavors – Cola, Strawberry and Salted Caramel. Team is very soon coming up with the most inquired Mint flavor as well which apparently is my fav too. So for all you party animals out there whether you're working or still in college and enjoying life whom i envy :-) grab a pack and you'll see the different yourself. I did and i can bet on it that it works beautifully and has been a savior.

To know more about the team and idea behind it below are the social channels you can reach them on:

Cheers Mate!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Pre Valentine Burrp Event @Nook - Aloft, Bengaluru

Infused Vodka, To die for desserts & Lip-smacking food what else can you ask for to love and pamper yourself this valentine?

A prefect way to celebrate your valentine month where you being pampered and spoiled by choices by Chef Sandeep who is Executive Sous Chef at the Aloft Bengaluru Cessna Business Park after a long time I have come across someone who is creative and thinks out of the box to present his picky eaters. Chef Sandeep had started his career 12 years back from The Leela, Goa and today he ensures his customers are delighted not only with his creative ideas to present but also ensuring the hygiene and safety to client satisfaction. 
Saurabh, In-house Manager who came up with his brilliant idea of infused vodka and must say everyone had got their favourite poison with a taste of fruits to herbs of their choice. Saurabh and the team from Aloft is coming up for the first time in Hotel Industry t have 99 varieties of Infused Alcohol all made in-house. Currently they have 18 which is ready to be served and rest in process. The 13 varieties include :

1. Rosemary
2. Orange & Rose petal
3. Coffee
4. Cinnamon
5. Green Chilli
6. Star Anise
7. Eucalyptus
8. Black Cardamom
9. Vanilla
10. Basil
11. Lemongrass
12. Seventh Heaven Tea
13. Galangal
14. Black Pepper
15. Mint
16. White Raspberry Tea
17. Rose in Bloom
18. Kaffir Lime Leaves
Mine was the Coffee and Lemongrass infused drink, not only the infused drink we also got to taste the syringe shooters and exclusive cocktails. Along with which the appetisers were served for both Veg & Non-Veg options which again were presented beautifully. From Clove Infused Galaouti Kebabs to Pita Hummus with Aubergine caviar.

Copper gold grills used for the presentation that gave it a very authentic look and feel of the dish. Pine Nuts Saffron infused Paneer Tikka was just delicious and we couldn't stop with a bite. 

The dinner table was set for the bloggers to enjoy the main course and desserts which was in return filled with loads of conversations and to make it even more fun we played few contest, thanks to Aloft and Burrp team I won the Aloft Voucher :-)

Starting off with the set menu at Nook, Aloft Hotels which served the first course - Asparagus Cappuccino, Parmesan Crisp. Followed with Mushroom Pithier Basil Curry Cream Sauce and Greek Spanakopita, Walnut, Pumpkin, Olives, Sun-Dried Tomato, Suman Yogurt.

Impressive presentation adding to it was the flavours was unique and very combination worked wonders with every bite. The best was reserved for the last, with the Chef's special surprise Dessert trio which was just hmmm... i have no words to it. Again was bowled over by the presentation and rest followed by it. The table went silent as everyone was busy relishing every bit of the dessert. Hats off to the Chef for that amazing creating and thanks that we were lucky enough to have tasted it first.  

Next time when you want to have a private dinner/lunch with someone special get in touch with the team of Aloft as I am sure they can plan something really good.

Did you see something new with Burrp! All new Burrp with new brand colour with amazing events that they host. I wanna thank the team of Burrp for such a fun-filled evening that they had planned for us and sure many more to come. 

Thanks to team of Aloft, Bengaluru who bowled us over with such amazing hospitality and outstanding food. 

A must go place in Bengaluru for their ambience, hospitality and the most important - FOOD!

Aloft Team
Do visit them as they have Kashmiri Food Festival where they have chef's coming from J&K to give the best experience.  I am definitely heading to Nook, Aloft to attend this Festival, Are you?